Developer updates

📊 Spring 2022 data will be down for a scheduled maintenance to add Spring 2022 data to the site. When the maintenance has completed, the “Site maintenance in progress” message will be removed from the site. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Source data

🔧 1.0.5 Update

Changes in this update:

  • Updated the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to be more linkable

🔧 1.0.4 Update

Changes in this update:

  • Added the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to the site.

    Hopefully, this will help address some of the common questions people have about the site, especially pertaining to future grade data being added.

🔧 1.0.3 Update

This update changes a couple of small things about the site.

  • Fall 2021 (and all future) TCCNS Updates

    As part of the Fall 2021 TCCNS Updates, many courses had their course numbers changed.

    CougarGrades is addressing this by displaying a link to both the previous and current course numbers. This means that MATH 1310 will link to MATH 1314, and MATH 1314 will link to MATH 1310. Historical grade data made under a previous course number will remain the same, which means that these new course numbers will appear to have no history if visited directly, but will have their history accessible via their old course number.

    This is not currently visible on the site and will take effect when Fall 2021 data is added in the coming weeks.

  • removed the line chart on the Groups page due to the implementation being cost inefficient
  • fixed the search bar looking weird on iOS
  • updated the libraries used within the site

💸 GitHub Sponsors

Per the request of a patron, CougarGrades is now accepting donations via GitHub Sponsors.

If you are interested in supporting the project or showing your appreciation, perhaps some of you may find this appropriate.

If you’d like to show your appreciation or other feedback in ways that don’t cost money, our feedback page is linked below:

As a reminder, CougarGrades will always be free, open-source, and not for profit. No content on will ever be hidden behind a paywall.