Developer updates

🔧 1.0.6 Update

⚠️ This update has some changes to the database, so some downtime will be experienced during the maintenance period. A message will be posted on the site during this time and will be removed after the maintenance has completed.

Changes in this update:

  • Groups:
    • Added new Core Curriculum Groups for each Undergraduate Catalog
      • Ex: “Creative Arts (All)”: All courses that have ever satisfied this area of the Core Curriculum
      • Ex: “Creative Arts (2022-2023)”: The courses that satisfied this area of the Core Curriculum for 2022-2023 catalog year
      • Only the group for the latest catalog and the “(All)” group will be displayed in the navigation sidebar/accordion.

      • Groups for past catalogs will be accessible by visiting a Course that is present in that catalog, or by URL.

    • Updated Core Curriculum Group descriptions to better clarify what they represent
    • For Core Curriculum Groups, the list of sources is now dynamically listed and up to date
    • Groups with similar names are better differentiated in the UI
    • Improved searching for Core Curriculum Groups
  • Data:
    • Added Summer 2022 data
    • Added Summer 2021 data